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News and Aticles

Check some of our News and telemarketing Articles that we post for your information:

List of articles

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Date Description
2013-08-26 After Appointment Setting, Always Consider Long-Term
2013-08-12 The 4 W's of Outsourcing Strategy
2013-08-12 How to Prepare the Right Agents for Your Customers
2013-08-12 New Metrics Versus New Service Delivery Models
2013-08-07 Communication, planning seen as keys to outsourcing success
2013-08-07 The Buyer's Guide to Call Center Telemarketing
2013-08-07 Get Started with Telemarketing Call Services
2013-08-07 Survey Telemarketing
2013-08-07 Mortgage Telemarketing
2013-08-07 Outbound Telemarketing
2013-08-07 Telemarketing for Accountants
2013-08-07 Inbound Telemarketing
2013-08-07 Real Estate Lead Generation Telemarketing
2013-08-07 Outbound Telemarketing Tips- Learn To Give Orders
2013-08-07 The Importance of Call Centers for Telemarketer Industry
2013-08-07 First Call Resolution In A Telemarketing Campaign
2013-08-07 Sure Fire Ways of Closing an Appointment Setting
2013-08-07 Great Reasons Why You Need to Outsource Your Appointment Setting
2013-08-07 Creating The Perfect Elevator Speech For Lead Generation
2013-08-07 Simplicity Is Beauty For Lead Generation
2013-08-07 The Importance of Good Customer Service
2013-08-07 Better Customer Service? Here Is How To Do It
2013-08-07 Call Center Customer Care
2013-08-07 Entrenamiento avanzado de telemercadeo
2013-08-07 El Cuidado del cliente
2013-08-07 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Make The Transition from Spreadsheets to WFM Software
2013-08-07 4 Challenges of Customer Self-Service
2013-08-03 By: Richard Blank By Richard Blank, CEO, Costa Rica's Call Center
2013-08-03 'The Essence of Call Center Telemarketing Training'
2009-12-22 Offshoring
2009-12-22 Bittersweet synergy
2009-12-03 FM
2009-12-03 A practical guide to IT strategies for the Not-For-Profit Sector
2009-12-03 Mary Pasby, Jaffe Associates
2009-12-03 Assault on yound Indians continue in Australia - a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old were both charged with two counts of assault
2009-12-03 Worried about protectionist tendencies of some developed countries in times of economic downturn, India plans meet the world trade ministers
2009-12-03 Indian IT firms move towards employee reduction and fixed price contracts
2009-12-03 Did Vineet Nayar, the Indian CEO of HCL do justice to Indian software professionals by calling Americans unemployable?
2009-12-03 India Inc. finally faces reality based on truth
2009-12-03 Racially charged Hillary Clinton wrong again on China
2009-12-03 No matter what Mulford says, H1B restrictions will soon be totally illegal
2009-12-03 While Americans lose their homes, go without medical care, America offers fat stipends to foreign students, excellent jobs to H1B foreign workers
2009-12-03 FDI flow halts, about to reverse plunging Indian economy into deep depression
2009-12-03 why is Obama afraid to defend American interests?
2009-12-03 America tends for American buying
2009-12-03 Shameless American bankers living on US Taxpayers
2009-12-03 Massive nationalization expected as US turns into a socialist country
2009-12-03 Obama Administration takes the hard-line
2009-12-03 Satyam caught with fake educational and employment certificates for US visa fraud
2009-12-03 Indian
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